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Keyfacts is your one-stop shop for coordinating all your IIS requirements

At Keyfacts, we work hand-in-hand with all the communities that are involved in the process of gathering, verifying and delivering the relevant information required by an insurance company in order to grant a new life, disability, critical illness, long-term care or mortgage insurance policy:

Over the many years we’ve been in the business, we’ve developed an intimate understanding of the needs of each of these communities – all with the single minded objective of making sure that the applicant is well served. This is our value-added service.

Our procedures ensure that correct, complete, relevant information is delivered in a timely, secure and professional manner, every time. We also manage all associated administrative and billing transactions.

Here's what insurance companies and doctors have to say about Keyfacts' services:

"One of the easiest systems to use! With Keyfacts' system-to-system information transfer, the APS report comes directly into our own secure system without the need for scanning. What an easy way to improve our turnaround time!" (AXA Canada)

"I would like to pass on a special thanks to Manulife Sponsored Markets for continuing to use the services of Keyfacts. This is an extremely beneficial service for me as a general practitioner, for it allows me to timely get APS requests done without having to try to find somebody to transcribe my dictations. I have encouraged other companies to also use Keyfacts Canada for their exceptionally good and prompt transcription service." (Dr. Darcy K. Zalasky, St. Albert, Alberta)

"We like dealing with Keyfacts as they are prompt with our payments and are always pleasant." (Dr. Ronald & Mrs. Sylvia Hall, Ottawa, Ontario)

"I like dealing with Keyfacts. Their staff are pleasant and any situations that arise are promptly handled." (Dr. Joe Greenberg, Toronto, Ontario)

We work with you   Here's what we do
  • The advisory community:
  • Insurance brokers, agents and other independent insurance advisors who initiate the policy quotation process and request an initial medical profile.

    • Assist in streamlining the policy quotation process,
    • Manage follow-up,
    • Provide case status,
    • Our Teleview service also frees this community from telephone interviews.
  • The insurance community:
  • Insurance companies, their employees, and the insurance underwriters who request authorization from the applicant to retrieve medical information.

    • Coordinate and complete medical interviews,
    • Manage the Attending Physician Statement (APS) process,
    • Provide file tracking and prompt follow-up,
    • Offer comprehensive medical-level quality control,
    • Guarantee secure information delivery,
    • Ensure the fastest possible APS delivery.
  • The medical community:
  • All medical professionals involved in the creation and management of patient records, including doctors, medical archivists and administrative assistants in healthcare institutions.

    • Deliver medical reports to insurance companies,
    • Ease the workload for doctors and medical archivists by offering a single contact point,
    • Provide convenient information delivery options,
    • Take care of the payment process.
  • The insurance policy applicant:
  • This is the key client throughout the process of setting up a new insurance policy, and the one for whom timely delivery of information is most critical.

    • Educate this group about the insurance underwriting process,
    • Explain how all procedures are expedited with Keyfacts at the hub,
    • Gather preliminary medical information over the phone, and detailed information when required by the insurance company,
    • Ensure applicants that their personal and medical information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
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