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APS Management
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Our service offerings

Turnaround time is our single-minded focus in a customer-friendly, high-tech approach. We've been in the Insurance Information Services (IIS) business since 1922, and we've stayed on top of important legislative and technological changes in the industry along the way. Our reputation is impeccable, and you can count on our professionalism, confidentiality and discretion in all of our dealings.

Keyfacts offers the following services:

APS services for insurance companies
Keyfacts handles all the administrative functions of collecting Attending Physician Statements (APS) and other medical reports required for the risk assessment of your applicants. We retrieve this information directly from the attending physician, specialist, medical clinic or hospital that archives the applicant's medical history.
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APS collection service for insurance agents, brokers & financial advisors
APS reports are often needed so that insurance companies can accurately assess your applicant’s risk when underwriting an insurance policy. This process is not always straightforward and can be time-consuming if not managed properly. This is Keyfacts' expertise.
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Telephone interviewing and underwriting services for insurance companies
Keyfacts offers the Teleview system, a convenient, efficient solution for your telephone interviewing and underwriting process. Teleview is a web-based, customizable software application that lets you delegate applicant interviews to our knowledgeable team. We carry out the interviews according to your specifications and ensure an efficient, high quality service every time.
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Inspection Reports for insurance companies
Inspection Report (IR) services consist of conducting interviews with insurance applicants and drawing up detailed reports. An IR is requested when additional information is necessary to complete the risk assessment of a new applicant, based on various criteria established by each life insurance company. Our team of investigators compiles and validates sensitive and often complex information, assisting life insurance companies in evaluating their risks.
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